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About Unique Impact

We are a Branding & Impact Leadership Coaching boutique, founded in 2001, partnering with organizations, leaders, and business teams to STAND OUT and thrive through ever-accelerating change in a highly competitive environment. 

We’ve worked with over 1,000 high achieving leaders from over 31 corporations in the Pharmaceutical / Life Science industry and corporations in the healthcare IT, professional and financial services industries, and privately-owned companies that span small boutique firms to global Fortune 500 corporations.


Our Promise to YOU is...
‘Inside-Out’ Growth to Make Change Happen

and Stick

High achieving professionals from Individual Contributors to Executive Leaders who were STUCK and overwhelmed, take strategic risks and play BIGGER.

Meet Gerrie

Internationally recognized Executive Coach, Branding & Impact Expert, Speaker who Inspires Growth, and Trusted Partner / Advisor to many highly influential executives and leaders . . .

I bring 25+ years of experience in corporate leadership and professional coaching to partner with client companies and leaders to discover new opportunities.


Our ‘Branding & Impact Model’ is designed to align with the elevated credibility, visibility, and growth needed for leadership advancement and achievement of each Client’s aspirational goals.

Clients report experiencing relief from the continuous anxiety and fear about future professional and financial uncertainty.

Work With Us

Our mission is to help you define the distinctive value and impact that you, and only you, can deliver that brings you greater fulfillment and recognition and aligns with your aspirational goals.

Executive IMPACT

Drive Growth. Influence Change. Shape the Future... Starting with Your Future.

In Executive IMPACT, our focus is on key drivers of executive success and your own aspirational goals.

Next Level IMPACT

Break through Plateaus with Agility, Focus and Clarity Ahead OF Inflection Points

Avoid the overall stress of anxiety, procrastination, confusion, distraction, and self-doubt with one simple step: Ask yourself, WHAT'S NEXT?

In our fast-paced and continually changing economy and career trajectories, its a critical question to ask yourself more frequently to THRIVE!

Agile Teams & Cultures DRIVE Innovation

Positive Influence Predictor, Tilt 365... A New Leadership Model, Empowering Agile Teams and Cultural transformation That Fuels Global Innovation

. . .Taking 360 assessments to a whole new level that helps you drive agility, based on character-strength, in which leader learns 4 specific ways to respond with ease that produces 4 behavior shifts.

Tilt 365 is a science, evidence and character-based 360 Assessment.

Be Exceptional!

Unleash Your Brand's IMPACT Story, Transform Beliefs, Command Your Worth, and Boost Earning Potential

How Executives and Leaders in the life science and healthcare IT industries reverse unconscious bias, increase earning potential, contribute at a higher level, and THRIVE.

When we work together, you’ll move From Confusion and Indecision to Clarity and Focus . . .

‘Strategic Collaborative… The Key to High Performance Teams’

“teamwork fuels UNCOMMON RESULTS”

Your team’s brand and relationships across client, stakeholder, and other pivotal groups are driven by
how well the team delivers on expectations and promises and 
how these are delivered by each team member.

How would you describe your team’s brand?

Evidence shows that the impact of a high-performance team on business outcomes and people engagement is significant. Innovative, energizing, and highly efficient organizations are developed through high-performance teams.

Speaking IMPACT… That Inspires Change & Growth

Increased clarity, focus, and commitment to take ACTION in 30 days on new insights and strategies!

The IMPACT Speaking Brand is recognized for Unique Partnership, Customization, and Interactive Experience.

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