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Our mission is to help you define the distinctive value and impact that you, and only you, can deliver that brings you greater fulfillment and recognition and aligns with your aspirational goals... so the Impossible becomes Possible.

The Impossible became Possible

for these Clients:

  • Group Director advanced to an external opportunity in Business Unit Head role, bringing an innovative culture to the life cycle of new blockbuster drug.
  • Associate Director, age 62, who functioned at Director level for many years, explored opportunities externally and landed a Director role, negotiated a $25K sign-on bonus and Director level financial package.
  • Associate Director, who functioned at Director or Senior Director level, landed an advanced external role to Senior Director with $50K increase and challenge that perfectly aligned with her ‘zone of genius’.

Executive IMPACT

Drive Growth. Influence Change. Shape the Future . . .

Starting with YOUR Future.

If you’re a senior or executive leader who influences innovative decisions, an inclusive culture for the company, and growth opportunities for your people, you face demanding accountabilities in your role.

Your decisions and challenges carry consequential risks and complexity under high stress situations that often result in dynamic interpersonal exchanges. 

These exchanges require astute political savvy, keen self-awareness about the impact of your behavior on others, and the ability to build trust and communicate with transparency.

For you to THRIVE in this environment requires career agility and strategic positioning of your VALUE with an influential power base of advocates and sponsors.  

Through the transformational experience of Executive IMPACT, senior and executive leaders connect more strongly with their aspirational vision, strengthen their inner game, and execute with more integrity and change agility. 

  • They strategically and artfully influence business outcomes. 
  • Gain recognition for their value and distinctive impact. 
  • Effectively ask hard questions that challenge the status quo.
  • Embrace growth opportunities. 
  • Drive their career trajectory.

As a result, they experience more meaning and fulfillment in their work
in a demanding and highly complex environment.

4 Phases of Executive IMPACT include Discovery, Strategy, Breakthrough & Transformation, and Strategic Impact.

Next Level IMPACT

Break through Plateaus with Agility, Focus and Clarity AHEAD of Inflection Points

Whether you’re pursuing advancement in a corporate environment or exploring a different career direction, it often feels like a rollercoaster ride.

One day you feel strong and committed to your direction. You exude the confidence, focus and expertise to land the best job and exceed expectations. 

The very next day, you feel confused and indecisive about your direction. 

What gets in your way?

  • Unconscious limiting beliefs… that you don’t even know exist?
  • Confusion about the impact that you want to make in your life… should you pursue advancement in the corporate environment or do you need a totally different career path?
  • You ask the question, “What contributes to one leader advancing effortlessly while another leader struggles with not knowing what it takes to advance?”
  • You feel underemployed, begin to experience self-doubt, and need another perspective to bring clarity, focus and confidence about your VALUE and your Next-Level IMPACT? 
  • Or are you unclear about the path and steps forward to make a strategic pivot? 

Through this transformational experience, you move beyond the focus on ‘what are you good at’ to align your PIVOT with ‘what are you outstanding at’.

  • By recognizing the distinctive VALUE on which you, and only you, consistently deliver, your ‘outstanding’ strengths show up in the IMPACT that is most meaningful and fulfilling for you.

One Client’s ‘outstanding’ strengths and ‘ideal career profile’ have aligned with 5 recent positions to which she’s advanced, each with a more senior / executive job title: “lead a cross company / strategic alliance team; be recognized for masterful style of building and managing relationships and for <industry> knowledge and expertise; achieve challenging goals, focused on enhancing <functional area/treatment specialty>.”


  • By focusing on your ‘outstanding’ strengths from the inside-out, you instantly create ideas and thought patterns that elevate your clarity, focus and performance. 

With the world-wide changes in 2020-2021, research shows that career PIVOTs have increased and will continue into the next 5+ years. 


  • Discover WHY you feel STUCK and what is the best PIVOT for you.  
  • Reimagine possibilities that you hadn’t envisioned previously.
  • Navigate the dynamic and continuously changing career and political landscape with savvy and executive presence. 
  • Laser focus your vision for more strategic focus. 
  • Break-through limiting beliefs that block you from achieving your goals. 
  • Increase self-awareness and gain insights into how your behavior and style impacts transparency, communication, and trust.  
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your outstanding strengths and how to tap into them.
  • Succeed in a way that brings out your uniqueness and innate strengths.
  • Facilitate connections to get known and build your ‘brand equity’. . . a key to being competitive in the dynamic business world.  

4 Phases of Next-Level IMPACT include Discovery, Strategy, Breakthrough & Transformation, and PIVOT Strategy & Impact. Sequence depends on each Client’s needs and circumstances.

We partner with each Client on the most effective strategy for them to meet and exceed expectations, customized for each Client’s unique situation and goal.

Let’s explore YOUR Next-Level possibilities. Don’t wait until you feel STUCK!

Positive Influence Predictor, Tilt 365 . . . A New Leadership Model, Empowering Agile Teams and Cultural Transformation that Fuels Global Innovation

. . . Taking 360 Assessments to a whole new level that helps you drive agility, based on character-strength, in which leader learns 4 specific ways to respond with ease that produces 4 behavior shifts.

  • Accelerate leadership agility and develop an organizational culture where people LOVE to contribute.
  • Do you know the value of your self-awareness on the company’s bottom-line and on development of a high performing team culture?
  • Self-awareness has been noted to be the most important capability for leaders to effectively elevate a more inclusive and high performing culture.  
  • It also requires courage and openness to receiving feedback from others.  
  • Do you know HOW you are viewed by your peers, leaders, stakeholder groups?

For example, you may be recognized for your character strength in diligence, but at times do you over- or under-use this natural strength? 

  • You may see your diligence as valuable to ensure accuracy, especially during high stress situations.
  • Others may see your diligence as micro-managing or mistrusting their capability when you overuse it. 

Positive Influence Indicator will heighten your self-awareness and strengthen your capability to bring your over- and under-used character strengths into balance.  

How will you benefit from the experience?

  • More quickly read situations and respond in ways that increase positive outcomes.
  • Experience less drama and discord in your teams and an increase in productivity, creativity, and innovation.
  • Lead with agility that leaves others feeling respected and increases their potential.

Let’s discuss how a character-based 360 assessment, Tilt 365, would elevate your leadership impact for you, your team, and your business objectives.

“stop trying to FIT IN . . . when you were born to STAND OUT.”

Be Exceptional!
Unleash Your Brand's IMPACT Story, Transform Beliefs, Command Your Worth, and Boost Earning Potential

How Executives and Leaders in the life science and healthcare IT industries reverse unconscious bias, increase earning potential, contribute at a higher level, and THRIVE.  

  • Are you a leader from Individual Contributor to Executive level and freeze when asked, “what do you do?” or do you simply respond, “I’m in a <research analyst> role in <technology> department and work with external clients to <solve technology problems>.” 

This experience is for you . . . if you are Not able to confidently and conversationally express your distinctive Value and how you contribute to your team, organization and/or company.


Questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you unclear about how to define your unique value? 
  • Do you (unconsciously) minimize your value and underplay your strengths . . . or
  • Are you clear about your value but feel uncomfortable with self-promotion?

If you responded ‘YES’ to any of these questions or hesitate about your response, opportunities may be passing you by . . . just when there is a growing need for you to STAND OUT, and let others know how you add VALUE to the growth of your organization.

What if your ideal position internally or externally opened up tomorrow . . .

  • Would you recognize it?  
  • Would your ‘brand impact story’ propel you to the top of the list?
If you’re Not ready when the best opportunity shows up, you may perpetuate what’s holding you back . . .
  • Frustrated with no clarity around career goals.
  • Anxious about financial uncertainty.
  • Uncertain with continuous change in the organization.
  • Feel disgruntled with being underemployed.
  • Uncertain about your making significant organizational impact. 

This transformation process will help you to . . .

  • Eliminate hesitancy to ASK for a promotion or salary increase.
  • Negotiate for higher financial compensation package or advancement.
  • Feel confident about your value to the company and your earning capacity.
  • Dispel myths about risk and ASK for what you want.
  • STOP struggling. 

‘Strategic Collaborative …
The Key to High Performance Teams’

“teamwork fuels UNCOMMON RESULTS”

Evidence shows that the impact of a high-performance team on business outcomes and people engagement is significant.

How does a high-performance team benefit your organization? 

  • Establishes a culture in which appreciation is expressed for employee contributions.
  • Team members develop an enthusiasm to make a difference at work, accountability becomes a personal value, and change and challenge are embraced.
  • There is a focus on purpose and intention that promotes innovation.
  • Employees feel a sense of ownership and take a leadership role in their daily activities.
  • Strengths and unique talents of each team member are maximized and cut across all projects, making organizational transformation a reality.

What holds your team back from achieving UNCOMMON RESULTS?

  • Are your teams dealing with power struggles that are counter-productive and wasting precious time?
  • Are your team members stressed out and disillusioned… even calling in sick when team meetings are scheduled?
  • Are decisions made through conflict and disagreement?
  • Are roles and responsibilities unclear or undefined?
  • Is your team’s overall performance acceptable, but not exceptional?

Strategic Collaborative
strengthens your intact team’s positive team mindset and collaborative decision-making.

It’s a customized, half- or full-day interactive program, designed to elevate performance level of intact teams, achieved through defining a team’s brand through a multi-format strategy.


Outcomes Include

  • Identify each team member’s distinctive value and the team’s perceived value and reputation.

  • Define the team’s unique capabilities that help to meet each customer’s needs.

  • Strengthen team’s ability to collaborate and reach consensus on a strategic decision.

  • Develop strategies to maximize the team’s collective energy and align their work towards a common purpose.

  • Improve team’s ability to build and improve strategic partnerships with customers.

“How would your customers, colleagues, and boss define your team member’s personal brand and their collective team brand?

  • A strong positive brand that gets things done more effectively.
  • Establishes expectations and enhances trust.

It is one of the most important business questions to consider from the beginning.

How would you describe your team’s brand? 

Innovative or status-quo?
Strategic or day-to-day urgency focus?
Pragmatic or bureaucratic?

Pragmatic Brand

is a team with a reputation for cutting through bureaucracy; people will look forward to your team showing consideration and understanding; trust will thrive with influence being much easier to integrate.    

Bureaucratic Brand

is a team known for being fastidious about processes and procedures; people will engage with them expecting them to stand strong with low level of adaptability and much more difficult to integrate.

3 Phases of Strategic Collaborative include 3 Common Elements of a High-Performance Team* with a focus on:

Authentic Personal Brand

Team's Brand

Team's Collective Brand

*3 Common Elements of a High-Performance Team include: Common Purpose, Common Approach and Mutual Accountability, as defined in The Wisdom of Teams: Creating the High-Performance Organization, a definitive work by authors, Jon R. Katzenbach and Douglas Smith

Client Testimonials

Your Success Is Our Success — Here's What Our Clients Say about our coaching model and services...

  • “Genuinely interested in clients’ success and does whatever it takes to support clients’ goals…”
  • “Results-oriented leadership coach with highly effective organizational and coaching skills…”
  • “Led a fragmented team without clear direction to a goal-oriented, cohesive team through her dedication and support.”

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