Unique Impact

Where the impossible becomes possible

Unique Impact was founded on May 1, 2001 as Success Associates with a name change to Unique Impact in July 2012 to align with what we stand for – unique results that reflect each Client’s distinctive value, meaningful impact, and courageous performance. 

We work with client companies and leaders in the pharmaceutical / life science and healthcare IT industries, two very complex and accelerated environments. 

Our company is a diverse supplier and woman-owned business with a mission to develop high achieving business leaders, at all levels of leadership, to be STANDOUT leaders, recognized for what they do best with authenticity and credibility!

As leaders with integrity, they exemplify compassion, transparency, and an innovative mindset.

They value the adventure of uniquely contributing and continuously growing, and are acknowledged for taking contrary positions with courage, respect, accountability, and sound judgment. 

Our Services Portfolio is designed to support our company mission by helping each Client discover their distinctive value, embrace the unique contribution and impact they bring to the table.

We continually update our Services Portfolio to meet changing business trends and evolving needs of Clients who fill roles from Individual Contributor to Executive level.

Our exclusive 1:1 coaching engagement packages include Concierge Services and Value-add Services that vary with each package option.

Gerrie Dresser, CEO/Founder, is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), credentialed by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) in 2001. She bases the company’s values and standards on ICF core values, ethical principles and standards of behaviors. These lead with confidentiality, equality, and responsibility to Clients, Practice and Performance, Profession, and Society. Our virtual business team supports these values, principles and practices.

Unique Impact Professional Coaching

Unique Impact’s coaching model is differentiated by HOW we deliver our services, on WHAT we base our Client-designed strategies and solutions, and WHY we focus on branding, impact, and engagement.

Our HOW: ICF Professional Coaching differs significantly from consulting, therapy, and mentoring.

  • ICF defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. Coaching honors the Client as the expert in his/her life and work and believes that every Client is creative, resourceful, and whole.”

Our Unique IMPACT Coaching Model and coaching services are grounded on ICF professional coaching guidelines:

  • “A Coach believes in the dignity and integrity of every human being and is committed to eliciting the inherent capability and resourcefulness of every individual. 
  • Both Client and Coach agree to a foundation of honesty, trust and respect and understand that the Client’s well-being is the central focus of the coaching relationship.”

Our WHAT:  Client-designed strategies and solutions are developed through collaboration that gets to the heart of a Client’s challenges and goals.

  • Core elements of our model are customized to help each Client achieve or exceed their goals, drawing a faster and more direct path to their desired high-quality outcome.

Our WHY: Our decision to launch Unique Impact and focus on branding, impact, and engagement was multi-factored. 

  • Our mission is to help Clients recognize and embrace their distinctive value and meaningful impact and align them with their aspirational goals to STAND OUT and THRIVE in a world of ever-accelerating change.
  • Our goal is to help each Client strengthen their career agility and resilience. As a result, leaders build credibility, visibility, and partnerships across organizations, critical capabilities in our business environment of continuous change, financial uncertainty, and career instability. 

New opportunities often find YOU when you’re dedicated to

Making a difference,

not just getting things done.

About Gerrie Dresser, CEO/Founder

As an entrepreneur and executive coach, I am dedicated to helping high achieving leaders to THRIVE:

  • Move from confusion and doubt to clarity and focus.
  • Stretch beyond their perceived capabilities and lead with courage and integrity.
  • Move beyond the seemingly impossible to achieve the possible. 

High achieving, fully engaged leaders . . .

  • Experience more meaning and fulfillment with a next level impact in their lives.
  • Fortify the leadership bench strength and high-performance teamwork demanded across our economy.
  • Build a strong foundation to be competitive in the global economy. 

Personally, family has always held a central value in my life.

  • In my position as second oldest of 11 siblings, I gained unique insight and awareness about the value of collaboration, fairness, and honoring diversity. We were blessed with parents who encouraged our curiosity and courage and valued our individuality.
  • I enjoy keeping fit, socializing with family and friends, and reading.

These experiences play a significant role in my Client leaders and organizations embracing their own ‘unique impact’ and making their mark by leading with their ‘distinctive value’.

What others are saying about Gerrie:

  • DN, Marketing Expert wrote. . . “She’s like a Swiss Army knife – versatile, valuable, and in the right circumstances, having her in your pocket might even save your life – or that of your organization.” 
  • RDJ, Branding Expert wrote . . . “Gerrie’s incredible energy, commitment, and passion inspire openness and trust.  A natural driver and motivator, she delights in helping people discover their inner passion and achieve their goals.”
  • MC, Client wrote . . . “Gerrie is a catalyst for people and project growth. She transforms seemingly disconnected thoughts and ideas and seamlessly merges feelings, facts and insights into clearly defined practical strategies that move people and projects to achieve new levels of excellence.”  

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